Welcome to

Contec Control Technology

Located in Arboga in the middle of Sweden our team of individuals work every day to create and innovate.

Who Are We?

A company with a strong passion for technology.

With several years of experience our team of experts and engineers build machinery, automation solutions and electrical drive systems for a range of applications in mainly:

  • Machinery
  • Heavy vehicles
  • Process industry

Areas of expertise



Our engineering team consists of electrical, mechanical and energy systems professionals. We build knowledge and experience by having a mobile and diverse workforce, constantly challenging our perceptions and knowledge of technology.

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Stemming from our own passion for building and creating, our goal is to be able to rapidly build, modify and invent hardware in-house. Our facility in Arboga includes electronics-, mechanical- and assembly workshops.

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Test and Verification

When it comes time to prove the capabilities, performance and compliance of your product we can help.

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